Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Up - Censor This!

I was sitting here only a few minutes ago checking that my last post on the FMC DC Policy Day had published properly when I noticed that the Get Up petition on the left had side of the screen was nearing 100,000 signatures. I excitedly thought that reaching that milestone would be a great opportunity to write another post about the proposed filtering regime for Australia.

Having thought that, I then turned to check my email and low and behold there is a message from Get Up about something even more interesting - they are looking for OUR ideas to write a new television campaign against the Governments scheme. Their current web ad has been viewed more than 3.5 million times.

They state:

As a people-powered movement, we understand that the internet isn't about control and censorship - it's about collaboration. That's why we're pooling the creativity of the GetUp community to create a TV ad, which will air on national television.

We'll turn your idea into a professional TV ad that will be seen by millions of Australians.

What can you contribute? Creative script ideas, music, images, personal anecdotes, or even a video. We're also looking for offers of help from professional voice-over and acting talent.

Simply submit your idea by email to by next Sunday, March 29.

Get to it Australia - the web needs our help!

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