Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dan Bull - Dear Mandy

Here is a recent clip from Dan Bull in relation to proposed legislative changes to copyright law in the UK which may well see the introduction of a three strikes policy. This is a great clip in which Bull reflects on the stupidity of many of the changes due to be introduced by the Digital Economy Bill.

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Katie Sutton said...

Hi Sally,

I realise you aren't in the UK, so this is pretty much a comment aimed at any UK readers you may have; I hope this is okay!

I work for the Open Rights Group, and I'm campaigning against the Digital Economy Bill - specifically the clauses which allow for disconnection without fair trial and for the secretary of business (as noted, currently Peter Mandelson) to change copyright law without putting it to Parliament first.

We're asking UK citizens to get in touch with their MP and explain to them how unfair this is, and possibly to meet them at one of their surgeries to discuss the specific problematic points of the bill in detail. If you have any UK readers, or know anybody in the UK, I would greatly appreciate it if you could pass my details on to them:

Katie Sutton