Sunday, June 6, 2010

John Butler Trio – Revolution

My ‘Song of the Moment’ right now is the first track on the John Butler Trio’s new album April Uprising. This song is another brilliant composition from this band. It starts with a soft dawning of sounds – the dawning of the Revolution.

The track goes onto develop as an anthem with the tempo increasing as the song progresses. Just prior to the chorus there is a loud crash of cymbals announcing that the time has come to take action. The lyrics near the end of the song shout out in a demanding tone: ‘Take back your hands, take back your feet, take back your words, take back your land, take back your heart, take back your pride, don’t got to run, don’t got to hide – Revolution’.

I really love this song – I find the passion in John Butler’s voice uplifting and empowering. The album has only been out for a few weeks and so far this song has not been released as a single but I hope it is and that it is put on high rotation by radio stations world wide. It is a fantastic song and just one of many great songs on the April Uprising album.

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