Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Four Great Women and a Manicure

I was watching The Simpsons tonight and caught this great reference to the Disney Corporation and copyright law - I cant actually see the link below in this region but those on the other side of the world may be more fortunate:

Season 20 / Episode 20: - Four Great Women and a Manicure

Lisa Simpson: I know another story about a great woman. It's called Snow White and the Seven
Lawyer: [interrupts Lisa] Excuse me, but the story you are about to tell is a copyright property of the Walt Disney Company.
Lisa Simpson: What? Snow White is a fairy tale that has been around for hundreds of years. Nobody owns the rights to it.
Lawyer: Does your story have any dwarves in it?
Lisa Simpson: Yes, but they are my own original creation. Their names are Crabby, Drunky, Hungry, Greedy, Lenny, Kerney, and Doc-tor Hibbert.

The Disney lawyer has very long evil finger nails! The scenes that follow are just as funny with an adaptation of the Snow White song available on hulu here. I purchased the episode from iTunes.

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