Friday, August 27, 2010

International Association for the Study of Popular Music

I will be presenting a paper at the IASPM Au/Nz conference in Melbourne later this year. My paper is about relationship breakdown with political music - I will be discussing my personal connection to songs by The Herd and the change in political climate which has rendered many of their most recent songs irrelevant. In short I refer to the length of copyright protection and how many political songs depend heavily on the current social context to be effective.

You can read more about the IASPM conference here. It is being hosted by Monash University on the 24th-26th November. The conference theme is stated as:

Popular music is a dynamic cultural force. The acts of listening, playing, dancing, composing and recording are undertaken in a constant state of flux, further complicated by flows of space and time. This conference invites papers that consider popular music as a powerful social agent. This may include analysis of current or past uses of music instruments as the sound-producing objects of change, or particular uses of technologies and human voices of change. The conference also welcomes investigations of the institutions and discourses within which the sound, the event and the experience are created, and their relationships to social change.

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