Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Set Back for 3 strikes in Ireland

EFF (via Facebook) are providing a link to an article from TechEYE.net which states that the High Court in Dublin has found no legal basis for ISPs to disclose user identities for the purposes of a three strikes disconnection policy. Irish ISP UCP will therefore not be involved in this process until such time as new legislation is brought into the country. This is a good outcome and a great precedent for other common law countries. Irish ISP Eircom however, has already begun implementing a three strikes or graduated response program as part of an out of court settlement with the content industry. It is unclear whether this will continue.

Further Reading
TechEYE.net, Irish ISP wins major legal victory against record labels (11 October 2010) < http://www.techeye.net/internet/irish-isp-wins-major-legal-victory-against-record-labels#ixzz126RlMHqg > at 12 October 2010

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