Monday, July 25, 2011

Future of Music Coalition Summit 2011

The fabulous Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit is back for 2011 being held at Georgetown University from October 3 - 4, 2011. They write:

The music industry sometimes seems to be stuck on pause. But musicians aren’t waiting around for the future to come to them; they’re actively constructing it. To make the most of opportunities and avoid obstacles, musicians require the right tools and the right partners. The 2011 Future of Music Policy Summit will examine the issues that matter most to today musicians, songwriters and composers — from the hyper-local to the truly global. What do artists require to make an impact in a content-rich, capital-challenged environment? How does policy impact musicians’ ability to thrive, not just today, but tomorrow? Is the industry finally ready to play nice with technology? Would bold changes to traditional music business models be the rising tide to lift all boats? Can all stakeholders work constructively towards a music marketplace that rewards both artists and fans? The 2011 Future of Music Policy Summit puts the focus squarely on musicians and their real-world perspectives to address these questions and more. Check your assumptions at the door, and join us in fast-forwarding to the future of music.

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Future of Music Coalition, Policy Summit 2011 (July 2011) < > at 25 July 2011

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