Sunday, November 13, 2011

Code Wars: 10 Years of P2P Software Litigation by Rebecca Giblin

Here is another book that I havent read yet but would very much like to, its called 'Code Wars: 10 Years of P2P Software Litigation'. It details the rise and fall of p2p networks and the race against time by the recording industry. In an article about this topic, the author examines four factors that led to the rise in file sharing and its increase in popularity despite the ongoing litigation against software developers. You can read that article here. You can also check out the website for the book here which has the first chapter on it for free and place orders for a copy at Amazon here. Dr Rebecca Giblin is a member of the Monash University Law Faculty in Melbourne, Australia.

Further Reading
itnews, How litigation only spurred on P2P file sharing (11 November 2011) <,how-litigation-only-spurred-on-p2p-file-sharing.aspx > at 13 November 2011

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