Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well hasnt it been an interesting few weeks in the realm of copyright/internet law! I've been following the fall of SOPA/PIPA in the USA and for those that havent there is a list of articles at the bottom of this post if you want to catch up. Needless to say grassroots protesting has, it seems at least for now, killed off both of these Bills and while they may yet reemerge under a different name for now let me say - A JOB WELL DONE! There were many sites that blacked out in protest, including of course Wikipedia and a massive online movement formed to prepare and sign petitions and contact local Government representatives to express concerns about the proposed laws. I also recommend the TechDirt Archives for those keen to read up on what happened.

Now it seems that global attention has been drawn to these issues - isnt it amazing when something you have followed for so long, seemingly in isolation, becomes a main stream issue! Now many are gearing up to try to stop the EU from signing ACTA. ACTA was drafted many moons ago and is no where near as bad as it first was when the negotiations began, indeed it will mean little changes to the law in both Australia and the United States but there are still some concerning points to it. For those looking to read up on ACTA and why there is now a response developing to it, I recommend this TechDirt article which simplifies some of the issues associated with it.

Disturbing news this week that there is now a move to globalise SOPA/PIPA through a new agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement- STAY TUNED - negotiations have only just begun and already it looks terrible. More as I find out about it.

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