Monday, June 11, 2012

Year Zero

Just came across a description about a new book on copyright law and the dysfunction of the music industry called Year Zero. It sounds hilarious - aliens have been hooked on earth's popular music since 1977 and are now liable for zillions in copyright infringement fines. The book, written in the style of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, concerns a lawyer, Nick Carter, who thinks its a joke when two extraterrestrials turn up at his office and tell him about the intergalactic use of music - due to copyright liability, earth, or more likely the record labels, now own everything and the aliens are not happy - he has 48 hours to save humanity. Of course this is fiction and would only to appeal to certain people (like me!!!! ha!!!) but it might be worth checking it out. Its due to be released July 2012. There is a competition to win a free copy of the book - you can read more about that here at the author Rob Reid's website. There is also a trailer about the book you can watch here:

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