Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wayne Swan on Springsteen and political music

Just read an interesting article from the (Australian) ABC News site - here - on Acting Prime Minister/Treasurer Wayne Swan's musical preferences. The article states that Swannie has a particular interest in the music of Bruce Springsteen - he states:

"It's often the case that great artists - people like Bruce Springsteen - tend to pick up the subterranean rumblings of profound social change long before the economic statisticians notice them. Changes start long before they become statistics... If you listen to the albums that came out after Born to Run - albums like Darkness on the Edge of Town, The River, Born in the USA and Nebraska - you can hear Springsteen singing about the shifting foundations of the US economy which the economists took much longer to detect, and which of course everyone is talking about now."

Take a quick look at the article if you can because it highlights the connection between music and politics very well - its only short. Swannie also lists Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil and the Hilltop Hoods as being inspirational - who'd of thunk it? A tresurer that likes the Hilltop Hoods - ace man!

Further Reading 
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