Thursday, December 27, 2012

HLS EdX Course on Copyright

(Yes my holidays are going well ;) but...)

I just found out that EdX (Harvard and MIT) are running a course in Copyright Law from 28 January 2013 which goes for 12 weeks and requires a minimum of 8 hrs per week study. Applications are open until January 3rd 2013. No legal background is required but there will be a limit of 500 applications accepted. The course instructor is William Fisher III. Applicants must be 13 yrs or older and have a good grasp of English. Certificates of completion and written assessments will be given to those who pass. The course material will be made available publicly, so even if you don't wish to do the course, perhaps you might still want to take a look at that, when it becomes available.

Further Information
EdX, HLS1x Copyright <> at 27 December 2012

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