Friday, January 25, 2013

News Exchange - Online Activism

I saw a fantastic show on Australia's ABC News 24 recently. The show is called News Exchange and it is on Friday nights at 8pm. It combines news and current affairs with social media and online activity to present stories on current issues as they are experienced and communicated in both real space and the online world. The most recent show provided a detailed discussion about online activism with a number of recent international campaigns highlighted and interesting interviews from a representative from YouTube and an academic from the University of Queensland. It is well worth a look, and a show I will certainly try to watch again in the future. You can view it here.

Looking through their archives, it seams they had a show in November 2012 where they considered streaming music and whether this is a viable business model - check out the show here. They also briefly mention the internet blackout in Syria, and Bradly Manning.

Further Information
ABC News 24, News Exchange (25 January 2013) < > at 25 January 2013

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