Sunday, November 24, 2013

IASPM: Popular Music and Collective Experience

The papers presented in this session were fantastic. Kath Nelligan presented on Seeker Lover Keeper and feminism in popular music. Kath noted in particular the denial of feminism as an approach by this band but nonetheless its ability to embrace solidarity and reciprocity. Kath noted post feminist tendancies of femininity as opposed to feminism. She spoke of how music has become less overt since Helen Reddy and how feminism has become a dirty word - with women these days less likely to identify themselves in that way as a move away from collective identites to individualism.

David Hesmondhaigh presented a paper on collective experience and sociability. He spoke of the ecstacy of collectives, the envy of missing out, how music and dance establish new friendships and revive old ones as well as emotional intelligence and the dynamics of self realisation. He went on to discuss pub singing, sport singing and karaoke. David noted the psychosocial need for collective identity and participation, and how this can become a site for struggle in the formation of modern personhood. 

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