Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Song of the Moment: The Offspring – Hammerhead

I downloaded a copy of the new The Offspring track this afternoon called Hammerhead. This song, which is being made available as a free mp3 download from their site, has a great beat and strong lyrics.

The first time I read the lyrics I instantly thought 'this is an anti war song' but on second take they could be open to a wider interpretation. The lyrics refer to the hammering of war, questions where it will end and makes reference to others hiding behind their desks. However in other parts of the song the lyrics refer to the taking of a life so that ten others might live, suggesting that this is just the way it goes - I think this is sarcasim but others might see it as a justification for war.

They have also announced a YouTube video clip contest for US residents. Fan created clips for the Hammerhead track can be uploaded to their YouTube group with instructions to:

Be creative. Be current. Be literal. Be abstract. Use your own self-shot/documentary footage. Find the right footage for your voice. Share your experiences. Use this as another way to tell your own story. Whatever makes sense to you to make the best video you can.

The band will select from the top rated videos with the following prizes:

Grand Prize Winner: $10,000 (picked by band)
Most Viewed Submission: $3000
Most Favourited Submission: $2000

Entries are being accepted until the 24 June 2008 – see their website for more details.

More information
The Offspring <http://www.offspring.com/>

The Offspring, Hammerhead Video Contest Announcement <http://www.offspring.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Offspring.woa/wa/news?newsID=437018> at 17 June 2008

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