Monday, June 23, 2008

Wicked Website: M.U.S.E.

I came across the website for Musicians United to Save the Environment recently and was excited to read about this organisation and their endeavours. MUSE is a non profit association set up and run my musicians interested in protecting the environment.

They release compilations of music, sell merchandising and hold live performances, directing the profits to fund environmental protection and sustainability projects within the United States.

The have a list of over twenty organisations they have supported so far on their website. Most recently they helped to fund the 18th annual Heartwood Forest Council which they describe as the ‘largest annual gathering of citizens from across the Eastern, Midwestern, and Southern United States’ who care about the health and well-being of their nation's forests.

In describing the birth of the organisation, Walkin’ Jim Stoltz states:

When I first proposed the idea for a non-profit organization to Craig Wagner in January of 1997, I saw a group of concerned musicians coming together to release a series of compilations benefiting various environmental causes. I felt that our community of eco-musicians could make a better, organized impact in helping some of the small non-profits that do so much good with so little funding. In my travels as a touring musician I work a lot with groups that give 200%. They’ve got heart and soul volunteers that dedicate much of their free time to the cause of protecting the Planet. Why not put music to work to help these kind(s) of organizations?

This is fantastic example of musicians working together to support political action. The artists involved often gather inspiration from the environment around them and issues relating to the preservation of natural resources. Music as an art form helps to educate others and as a commodity can be used to raise funds and provide financial assistance to organisations working toward a sustainable future.

More Information

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