Thursday, August 7, 2008

Future of Music: Rock the Net

The Future of Music Coalition – a non profit organisation representing musicians and lobbying for musicians rights in the digital age (as opposed to copyright owners rights which are usually held by another entity such as a record label) – have recently released their Rock the Net compilation CD.

The disc features tracks from artists such as Wilco, Bright Eyes, Aimee Mann, The Wrens, They Might Be Giants and others. The CD is part of their campaign for net neutrality – ensuring that independent artists are given a level playing field by preventing the prioritising of internet traffic in favour of major label artists.

They write:

Network neutrality -- or Net Neutrality -- is the principle that preserves a free and open Internet. Net neutrality ensures that all users can access the content, or run the applications and devices of their choice.

Rock the Net is a nationwide coalition of musicians and labels that support net neutrality. We come together at this critical time to demonstrate to Congress and the FCC the music community's broad support for this principle. As musicians and entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of treating all websites equally -- from the busiest online music store to the smallest blog. We urge Congress to support network neutrality.

The CD is available from iTunes, eMusic, Amazon (both as a CD and mp3s) and Rhapsody.

More Information
Future of Music Coalition, Rock the Net <> at 7 August 2008

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