Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Music with a Message

I have been busily preparing for my radio show this weekend - here's the list of tracks - the first half has a small atomic/nuclear theme to it and the second half has a few tracks about industrial relations and workers rights. I was a little disappointed by Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Around – its a great track (about war!!!)

Blue King Brown, Stand Up
Sting and the Radioactors, Nuclear Megawaste
The Golden Gate Quartet, Atom & Evil
Billy Hughes and the Rhythm Buckeroos , Atomic Serman
The Son of the Pioneers, Old Man Atom
System of a Down, Boom
Dead Kennedy’s, Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Around
Edwin Starr, War
Ani Di Franco, Self Evident
Green Day, American Idiot
NoFX, Franco UnAmerican
Jewel, America
John Butler Trio, Gov Did Nothing

Lucinda Williams, American Dream
Neville Brothers, The Ballad of Hollis Brown
Elvis Presley, In the Ghetto
Slim Smith, Bread Line Blues
Lee Hayes, The Dodger Song
Joe Glazer, There’s Power in a Union
Anne Feeney, What Ever Happened to the Eight Hour Day?
Anne Feeney, War on the Workers
Anne Feeney, Scabs
Anne Feeney, Take Them Down!
Living Colour, Open Letter to a Landlord
The Whitlams, Blow Up the Pokies
No Doubt, Just a Girl
Billy Bragg, Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards
Yusef Islam, Peace Train
UB40, Sing Our Own Song
USA For Africa, We are the World

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