Sunday, September 14, 2008

Music with a Message

I really enjoyed featuring the Rock the Net CD last night on my radio program. Having played a few feature albums in recent weeks next weekend I will be returning to my usual plan of putting together songs in certain themes. As you can see from this play list in the first half I am playing a few anti war songs followed by some with an environmental theme. The second half covers civil, indigenous rights, race relations and industrial relations.

I like many of these songs but one that stands out for its currency is thegoogledolls track Mr Obama Save My Planet.

Neville Brothers, With God on Our Side
Lead Belly, Uncle Sam Says (Bottle Up and Go)
Lead Belly, Hitler Song
Texas Jim Robertson, The Last Page of Mein Kampf
J.B. Lenoir, Vietnam Blues
Red Gum, I was only 19
John Butler Trio, Fire in the Sky
Wildfire, Make Music Not War
Neon Prophet, Running Out of Time
Neon Prophet, Save The Planet
Jeffrey Walker and Michael Droste, Save The Planet
Thegoogledolls, Mr. Obama Save My Planet
Scrabbel, Save the Green Planet
Julian Lennon, Saltwater
John Butler Trio, Treat Yo Mama

Neon Prophet, One World
Peter Tosh, Equal Rights [Live at the One Love Peace Concert 1978)
Len Chandler, Murder on the Roads of Alabama
Arrested Development, Revolution
The Clash, The Guns of Brixton
The Get Up Mob, From Little Things Big Things Grow
Our Land, Our Home, Land Rights
Our Land, Our Home, Forgotten Tribe
Our Land, Our Home, Stricken Land
Joe Glazer, We Will Sing One Song
Joe Glazer, Rebel Girl
Woody Guthrie, 1913 - Massacre
Tracy Chapman, Talkin’ About Revolution
Sinead O’Connor, Daddy I’m Fine
The Herd, 77%

[You may have also noted that some of my earlier posts appear to be having a formatting problem - they were not like this when I posted them but blogger appears to be displaying and publishing text from Word 2007 differently - hopefully they will fix this up soon and sorry for any inconvenience.]

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