Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Zealand Copywrong Song

The New Zealand organisation CreativeFreedom have released a song called CopyWrong along with a film and audio remix competition.

The song protests the introduction of s92A of the NZ Copyright Act which is due to commence at the end of the month and which sees the introduction of a graduated response policy whereby repeat offenders (how that term will be defined is yet to be seen) will be disconnected from the internet for copyright infringements.

New Zealand will become the first country in the world with an operational three strikes policy. Last week protesters delivered an e-petition against the amendment with over 12,000 signatories, and a hard copy petition with 148 names on it, to the United Future party leader. Other action includes a plan to turn icons, websites, facebook and other profile pictures black in protest of the introduction of the law.

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