Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Career Suicide in Progress - A Poem For the Brilliant

By Sally J Hawkins
(this is an email I sent today to Larry Brilliant who remains an advisor to Google despite is more recent redeployment to Skoll)

Larry is a brilliant man with talent of depths unknown
He rides the skies of making dreams and seems a wonderful type of guy
There is a young lady sad and lost with many a dream that dies
She needs some help to find her way and therefore in hope she writes

A long and difficult tale goes here but there is simply just not time
To tell the troubles that she has faced and to explain in depth just why
The hand she needs is to relocate to a land where her talent can thrive
And to do just that there is but one last thing to for her to try

A busy parent in a country town in Australia way down south
Is not the place that she needs to be rather Berklee in Boston now
Part way through a PhD in IP/Internet Law
With political music the central focus she hopes to find a new door

A fellowship program, scholarship, a supervisor and a new life
Would only be possible with the help of another like the man to whom she writes
Aspiring for a career that dances to Hammond’s Song of the Unicorn
Challenging the basis of regulation, in Boston she can’t go wrong

In the long term the Future of Music Coalition or academia is for me
But the laws and changes that need to take place are not in my coun-t-ry
The spark within me will never die and I will never quit
A chance from you would mean the world and to make my mark on it

With a smile and a wink this poem is penned (or typed more accurately)
Please write back and let me know if there is any chance you might help me
I have not approached David Kusek but you might if you wish
He is VP of Online Ed and the author of a book not to be missed

Thanks for taking the time to read my plea and listen to what I have said
If it would help my CV can be sent and you can find me on the web
My blog address is listed below and my email on the header
To meet with you or have the chance to talk would also be pleasure.

Yours sincerely

Sally J Hawkins


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