Monday, October 5, 2009

Lily Allen's Bull

Just thought to post a link to this great YouTube clip in which Dan Bull comments on Lily Allen's recent statements regarding file sharing and the music industry. Allen has stated in recent weeks that there should be far greater regulation of music sharing. Lily initially supported the introduction of a Graduated Response Scheme in the UK with the ultimate sanction of disconnection. In response, many have suggested that Allen was misinformed about the impact of file sharing on the music industry. Allen has altered her position to support a Graduated Response Scheme that does not include disconnections but rather uses throttling to deter internet users from breaking copyright law. I have written in the past about how even the lesser offense of throttling is a poor policy choice, restricting the ability of users to access legal music just as much as it does illegal music.

The fantastic musical letter from Dan Bull can be seen here:

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