Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tunes for Change

This is an interesting website I have just come across it is called Tunes for Change. The about section reads something like this:

TunesForChange.org is a registered not for-profit organisation that promotes peace, human-rights, free-speech, environmental sustainability, artistic-excellence, media accountability and responsibility, and physical and mental well-being for all! We offer much needed support to people from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe.


Firstly, critically acclaimed, high-profile, and outstanding musicians donate a single song for download at TunesForChange.org. The songs are donated for a three month period only.

 The songs donated are then compiled by the TunesForChange.org programmer into a seasonal album to download for a donation of one dollar or more, (it’s up to you how much you give for the album). There will be 4 x albums per year. Our first album launched on 28 March 2011.

 Finally, at the end of every month, TunesForChange.org pays 100% of profits from the voluntary donations (from music-lovers like yourself), to a pre-selected charity. That's right -- every profit from every donation is donated to the selected charity. See the FAQ section for more detailed info.

Tunes For Change is a registered non-profit organisation and is a Public Company Limited by a Guarantee (Tunes For Change Ltd ABN 29 149 516 192).

Proceeds from the first album will go to assist with the Australian flood recovery with profits from the second seasons album going to The Seed fund. The site uses a pay what you want model and is well worth checking out.

Further Information
Tunes for Change < http://www.tunesforchange.org/ > at 29 March 2011

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