Friday, April 15, 2011

MURUNDAK - Songs of Freedom

'murundak - songs of freedom' - Official Trailer from Daybreak Films on Vimeo.

There is a new documentary showing in Australia called MURUNDAK Songs of Freedom which tells the story of Aboriginal protest music over the past ten, or so, years. You can see if the movie is screening near you here.

In an interview about the film those behind it state:

With this documentary ‘murundak – songs of freedom’ we thought we could open a door to the story of the struggle through the songs that have galvanised blackfellas for decades but which very few whitefellas know about. But we knew that film could also create the kind of intimacy needed to just sit and listen to these stories, to these songs of the resistance and celebration, in a way that was both deeply personal and a shared history... There have been a number of currents in contemporary Aboriginal music and many remarkable pioneers in musical strands like country, desert rock and more recently hip hop and metal. What the film focuses on are the anthemic songs tied together by a protest and folk tradition. What brings these songs together is their declarations of protest, their stories of survival and the energy and spirit that makes them so connected to the community that heard them and sung along with them.

The film's website is available here and it certainly looks worthwhile checking it out.

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