Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Stuff

Check out this interview with the band The Herd on their recent trial of a 'pay what you want' business model for their new single The Sum of it All. They state that the trial has been successful with hundreds of downloads, some around the $10 to $20 mark with their use of a mailing list and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to advise fans that the song is now available. This week the song also became available via iTunes so it will be interesting to see whether fans that are yet to purchase use the 'pay what you want' model still or prefer iTunes. This interview also enables readers to watch the new clip to their single - this has only become available today.

ALSO for those in Australia that didnt catch HungryBeast last night on the ABC it is worth checking out on iView (not available outside Australia) as it was a download special which made particular reference to cloud computing and the trend toward streaming and away from downloading from file sharing networks. It was really interesting with very current information about Amazon's new service.

Further Reading
The Vine, The Herd - interview (1 April 2011) < > at 21 April 2011

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