Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Australia and ACTA

WOW!!! It looks as though Australia is going to reject the ratification of the ACTA Treaty. The Australian Joint Standing Committee on Treaties recently released at statement in which it was suggested that there are a number of issues with the agreement: 
“The Committee is concerned about the lack of clarity in the text, the exclusion of provisions protecting the rights of individuals, and ACTA’s potential to shift the balance in the interpretation of copyright law, intellectual property law and patent law,”
The committee recommended that the agreement not be ratified until the committee has received an independent assessment of the economic and social cost, the ALRC has reported on its Inquiry into Copyright and the Digital Economy and there are further clarifications to the terms of the agreement. There is also significant concern that many other countries will not be signing the agreement rendering it ineffective.

This is great news - I was a little concerned when Australia signed the agreement last year but was waiting to see whether or not it would be ratified. It seems that at least in the immediate future this agreement is dead in the water in this country.

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