Thursday, July 12, 2012

Support the Restoration of Copyrights to their Original Duration of 28 Years

There is a petition available on the White House website that seeks to return the term of copyright in the United States to 28 years. The text of the petition reads as follows:

Our Founding Fathers established an initial copyright duration of 28-years, but that has been repeatedly extended to up to 120 years to favor corporations like Disney and Sony and authors’ descendants at the expense of the public. Such durations ignore the Constitution’s requirement that copyrights be for limited times and promote progress in science and the useful arts. They actually inhibit scientific progress by restricting the free flow of information, preventing global digital libraries, and withholding information that future generations need to freely exchange and build upon. The original copyright duration provides ample incentive for companies and authors to create, so we ask the President to urge Congress to pass a bill restoring copyrights to their original duration of 28 years.

The petition is available until the 8th August 2012 and aims to reach 25,000 signatures. It was created on the 9th July and so far has only 3,571 signatures. Unfortunately you need to create an account on the White House website to sign it but it is a small inconvenience for such an important issue. Take a moment out of your day if you can to go to the site here and after you have finished signing it spread the word through the Twitter and Facebook tabs.

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