Friday, September 20, 2013

Pavlos Fyssas

I was just reading an article from the Australian Broadcasting Coroporation News site in which it was reported that Pavlos Fyssas a popular anti fascist hip hop artists in Greece was murdered by a member of Neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn. . Following the release of news about his death, protests began in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras. Pavlos recorded under the name Killah P

Golden Dawn currently rank 3rd in the opinion ratings in Greece but recent activities, including the an attempted assault on Athens mayor George Kaminis, have undermined its credibility and intentions. Golden Dawn's spokesperson Ilias Kasidiaris, having just been acquitted of aiding an assault on a left-wing student in 2007, now faces trial for an incident on a 2012 talk show in which a Communist lawmaker was struck.

The ABC state: "The Hellenic League for Human Rights said that the neo-Nazi group's acts of violence were escalating 'with impunity, as a rule'".

Further Reading
ABC News, Greece vows to rein in neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party after rap singer's murder (20 September 2013) < > at 20 September 2013

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