Thursday, September 19, 2013

Playing for Change Foundation Day, September 21 2013

Playing for Change are having their annual global music fundraiser for music education in third world countries. It is being held this Saturday 21st September 2013 and is 'the global event for social change through music'. So far they have raised over $30,000 but are aiming for $150,000. Two hundred and eighty events have been organised in 50 countries.

They write: "[t]his year we are excited to join forces with 1Love, a global foundation started by the children of Bob Marley. 1Love was created as a beacon of world peace with the hope and promise of realizing Bob Marley’s dream that a united human race can build a better world through the work of a compassionate and caring global community."

Find out more about the events organised in your area on their website here.

Further Information
Playing for Change Day, About 1Love Playing for Change Day (2013) <>  at 19 September 2013

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