Sunday, October 12, 2008

Music With a Message

This week on my radio program I am featuring music from the civil rights era first before playing some anti war tracks. I am then moving on to play music that relates to American politics with some great tracks which refer to Barack Obama and remix some of his speeches with music and lyrics. I have been looking around for songs relating to John McCain but so far have only found one – if you know of any feel free to leave a comment on my blog. In later part of the show I am playing some Australian political songs.

I do have some good news to report – there is a fine new Apple computer connected to the desk at the station (with a disc drive in the side of the screen which I have never seen before) so I will be able to play some of the songs that I’ve had to shelve for the past few weeks. It was an important lesson though and will be doing absolutely everything I can to purchase mp3s with iTunes tracks being a last resort – such is the frustration of DRM!

Pete Seeger, We Are Moving On To Victory
Dock Reese, Guide My Feet While I Run This Race
Betty May Fikes, Up Over My Head/This Little Light of Mine
Charles Neblett, Which Side Are You On?
Charlton Reese and the Birmingham Movement Choir, 99 ½ Wont Do
Various Artists, We Are Soldiers in the Army

Tom Paxton, The Bravest
Donovan, Universal Soldier
Ani DiFranco, Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Lizzie West & The White Buffalo, 19 Miles to Baghdad
Pete Seeger & Bruce Springsteen, Ghost of Tom Joad

Pete Seeger, The Ross Perot (George Bush) Guide to Answering Embarrassing Questions
Eskit, Impeach Me
Eskit, The Patriot Act
Howard Glazer, Patriot Act Blues
Baba Isreal, State of Emergency
Sunnyland Slim, Be Careful How You Vote
Ghostwridah, Dying to Survive (Feat. Barack Obama)
The Anonymous, Change (The Barack Obama Song)
Lamont Van Hook, Barack Will Lead the Way
Roy Medina, Barack Obama My Heroes

Midnight Oil, One Country
Our Land Our Home (Paul Kelly), From Little Things Big Things Grow
The Get Up Mob, From Little Things Big Things Grow
Our Land Our Home (Goanna), Solid Rock
The Herd, The King is Dead
Our Land Our Home, Respect for Eddie Mabo

The Golden Gate Quartet, Atom & Evil
Billy Hughes and The Rhythm Buckeroos, Atomic Serman
Lead Belly, Hitler Song
Neville Brothers, Wake Up
Ben Harper, With My Own Two Hands
Los Lobos, Peace
Neon Prophet, Save The Planet

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