Friday, November 14, 2008

Music with a Message

Here are some of the tracks I will be playing on my radio program this Saturday night:

Eskit, Wussies for War
Lead Belly, Uncle Sam Says (Bottle Up and Go)
Lead Belly, Hitler Song
Billie Holiday, Strange Fruit
Cleo Kennedy, City Called Heaven
Fannie Lou Hamer, Go Tell it on the Mountain
Willie Peacock, Calypso Freedom
Willie Peacock, Get on Board Children
SNCC Freedom Singers, We Shall Not Be Moved
Sunnyland Slim, Be Careful How You Vote
Anti-Crew, Anti-Republican
Joe Glazer, There’s Power in a Union
Joe Glazer, Casey Jones (The Union Scab)
Neon Prophet, One World
Midnight Oil, One Country
Bruce Cockburn, If A Tree Falls
Neon Prophet, Save the Planet
The John Butler Trio, Treat Yo Mama
Jamiroquai, Emergency on Planet Earth
Bjork, Declare Independence
Yothu Yindi, Treaty
Joni Mitchell, The Magdalene Laundries
Phil Ochs, I Ain’t Marching Anymore
The Roots, False Media
Beastie Boys, Right Right Now Now
Ice Cube, Amerikka’s Most Wanted
The Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy, Satanic Reverses
Graham Nash, Military Madness
Rise Against, Prayer of the Refugee
Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males, Drunk on Election Night
Black Eyed Peas, Third Eye

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