Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IASPM: The Overdub Tampering Committee and Plunderphonics: popular music and resistance in the postmodern age

By Daniela Furini


Today I saw a fantastic presentation by Daniela Furini in which she spoke about, amongst a number of other very interesting things, The Overdub Tampering Committee. I had not heard of this group prior to this seeing this presentation and was fascinated to hear about their activities. According to Daniela, the group started a practice of deliberately downloading songs by well known artists and changing them by adding to and/or removing aspects of the tracks and then uploading them back to file sharing networks with the original song title so that others would download them without knowing that they had been altered.


Daniela stated that this practice was designed to challenge both the music industry and those that engaged in file sharing. The practice also highlights the intangibility of the music and how musical works are no longer fixed but rather take on a transient nature.


This was a fantastic presentation.



Further Reading


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