Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not Off The Grid Just a Little Time Out

Just a note to say that I will not be able to post again for a couple of days – flying back from Liverpool over the weekend. Hopefully Monday I will have a couple of other posts from sessions I have attended at IASPM this week. I also have some comments from readers to approve – these should also be up on the site early next week.Thank you for your comments - I will publish them as soon as I can (along with attending to the other mass of information in my inbox!!!).


The International Association for the Study of Popular Music conference has been fantastic – I really hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the presentations. I have recently found out that they will be publishing some of these papers in a journal, hopefully later in the year. If I find out when that happens I will be sure to let you know. For me this conference has been very inspiring with the diversity and high standard of each of the presentations giving me enourmous confidence for the future of the music industry and scholarship. My only complaint is that I couldn't go to all of the sessions. See you on the flip side ~(geographically)~.

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