Tuesday, July 14, 2009

IASPM: Day One

This my first post from the International Association for the Study of Popular Music's conference, 'Popular Music Worlds - Popular Music Histories' at the University of Liverpool.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to have the chance to look around the city of Liverpool. Known for its popular music heritage, the city has a number of attractions which tell the history of music in this region. I went to see the Beatles Story, a museum dedicated to telling the story of how the members of the band got together, their personal histories, the events leading up to and including the height of their fame as well as the circumstances in which they decided to split up. It was a fantastic display of memorabilia and the audio guide provided some interesting and informative commentary about the life and achievements of the band.

There was also an area displaying pictures of the Lennon and Ono Bed-In in which they protested and actively asserted the needed to Give Peace a Chance. Photographs reflected their personal perspectives, the journalists that interviewed them, the writing and recording of the song 'Give Peace a Chance' and explained the political statement they were seeking to make.

I also attended the White Feather exhibition which provides a family perspective to the life of John Lennon. Presented and complied largely by Cynthia and Julian Lennon the exhibition includes a display of family photographs, post cards and explains the events that took place with respect to John Lennon and his family.

Later in the day I took a bus ride around the city and visited The Cavern. While the original venue where the Beatles played over 200 shows and first met Brian Epstein no longer exists, there is a new establishment which includes a statue of John Lennon.

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