Friday, November 19, 2010

Conference Calls

For those in Melbourne next week I am presenting a paper at the International Association of the Study of Popular Music (Au/NZ branch). My paper ties together our relationship with political music, changes in society and how this reduces the operative time of the songs and how the copyright term of seventy years plus the life of the author ridicules these songs and prevents their reuse or second life. I focus on the band - The Herd and am therefore presenting in the Hip Hop section. If you are interested in attending the conference it is being held in the city and you can get more information about it here. I am having a little bit of a holiday while I am in Melbourne so this space will probably be quiet for the next week or so - I may mobile blog but it depends on whether I have enough time.

IN OTHER NEWS... Berklee College of Music in association with the Berkman Centre at Harvard, have announced a conference to be held next April (Rethink Music) and have issued a call for papers. There is also a $50,000 prize for those that enter the 'new business model' competition. You can find our more about it here and here.

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