Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Muse

I came across an interesting website today via a facebook link - it is called Free Muse. This is an international non-profit group dedicated to censorship in music. The site states:

"Imagine the world without music. Or imagine a world where we are told what to play, what to sing and even what we may listen to in the privacy of our own homes. That world already exists. In more countries that you might imagine, musicians and composers are under threat. And that threat is growing."

Based in Denmark, the organisation seeks to note instances of threats against musicians, to ensure there is public debate about freedom of expression and to act as a lobbying group for those that experience pressure from governments and other sources in the process of composing, recording and playing music live. Musicians have been tortured, exiled, jailed and even killed for their songs.

Take a look - it is available here.

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