Friday, November 5, 2010

Graphic Detail

Here's a graphic from a paper I presented a few years ago - as I wrote then, corporations are 'legally enabled, immoral, unaccountable greed driven "people" who are financially and therefore politically, more powerful than a national public government.'

'The impact of private governance in this context can be seen as a self perpetuating cycle.

Within wider society, liberalist capitalist corporations as enabled by the corporations law, use their economic power and public choice theory to get stronger copyright laws to strengthen their position. They influence their immediate public govenments to have their interests voiced in international forums and promoted through instruments such as bilateral trade agreements to further their control on a global scale.

Within the digital music environment this results in control over the production and distribution of music. Driven by a profit motive this in turn typically displaces politically educational music in preference for music more likely to be accepted and purchased by a wider sector of society. An associated impact is also evident with respect to the progress and development of new technology.

This therefore impacts on the receptive mediation of music by members of the public both in terms of their access to works and the diversity of messages that are available to them. This leads to a reduction in political and social awareness helping to perpetuate the cycle of corporate dictatorship.'

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