Monday, May 23, 2011

ABC Law Report: Copyright and the Courts

You can listen to the most recent Law Report from ABC Radio National here.

Last Tuesday the show examined the current disputes in the courts regarding copyright and the internet. Looking at a number of current issues the show covers the Kazaa litigation, the introduction of the parody and satire exceptions within the the Copyright Act, the iiNet case as well as the Men at Work case concerning the song Down Under. Graduated response schemes are also discussed briefly.

Interviews are given by an illegal downloader called David, Sabiene Heindl the General Manager of Music Industry Piracy Investigations, Jock Given a Professor of Media and Communications at Swinburne University, Ross Stevenson broadcaster, lawyer and one of the writers of The Games and Michael Hirsh producer with production company Working Dog and the former executive producer of the Australian television show The Panel (which is no longer on air).

Further Information
The Law Report, Copyright and the Courts (17 May 2011) < > at 23 May 2011

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