Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Koch Brothers

Just on my way to an APRA workshop with Blue King Brown (more soon hopefully) and came across this great parody regarding the Koch brothers - members of the Boston tea party. Billy Bragg writes on his facebook page:
"Been reading here and there about the malign influence of the billionaire Koch brothers, funders of the Tea Party in the US and wondering how to pronounce their name. Kock? Kotch? Turns out the correct pronunciation is 'Coke', a coincidence that has led to this scathing little clip. Note the brilliantly worded disclaimer at the end."

The disclaimer is the part that I find interesting - clearly this is a fair use but that doesnt apply in trademark disputes - it will be interesting to see how Coke respond they have typically been very protective of their trademark with protection around the world for it. The upside is they cant use a DMCA take down notice, the downside is this might lead to litigation.

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